The Devil Hates You

Songs Played

  • Dee D. Jackson “Fireball” [b/w Falling Into Space]
  • 4,000,000 Telephones “Salt” [4,000,000 Telephones]
  • The Sportsmen “Toolie Oolie Doolie (The Yodel Polka)” [b/w You Can’t Be True, Dear]
  • Quantum Jump “The Lone Ranger” [The Seance (Too Spooky)]
  • The Hap-Cats “Highway Rock ” [b/w Dardanella]
  • Supersempfft “Let’s Beam Him Up” [Roboterwerke]
  • Ian North “The Naked City” [My Girlfriend’s Dead]
  • Rebecca Lea “The Devil Hates You” [The Devil Hates You (Serious ’50s Female Jivers)]
  • Makadam “Ko Prijatelj Njene Kuće” [Opusti Se]
  • Little Nell “See You Round Like A Record” [b/w Fever]
  • Yeastie Girlz “FCC” [Ovary Action]
  • The Stick Men “Master Brew” [This Is The Master Brew]
  • Adolf Stern “More…I Like It” [b/w Twenty Seven]
  • Fred Lane / Ron ‘Pate’s Debonairs “Danger Is My Beer” [From The One That Cut You]
  • Odyssey “Who” [b/w Sad Face]
  • Talas “Sama” [Perfektan Dan Za Banana Ribe]
  • Expansives “Life With You …. (Vocal Version)” [b/w Life With You …. (Instrumental Version)]
  • David Peel & The Apple Band “Bring Back The Beatles” [Bring Back The Beatles]
  • Ike Yard “Night After Night” [Night After Night]
  • Carlos “Les Croisades” [b/w L’année Des Nanas]
  • Peter Gray “Wohin Fährt Die Eisenbahn” [Wohin Fährt Die Eisenbahn]
  • The Sultans “Toss In My Sleep ” [b/w I Feel Your Love Growing Cold]
  • Варя Панина ” Лебединая Пѣснь” [b/w Я Ждалъ Тебя]
  • The Space Walkers “Swamp Gas” [b/w Gemini Jump]
  • Mekanik Sideral “L’Extra-Terrestre (L’Etoile D’Amour)” [b/w La Visite De Maxime (Instrumental)]
  • Tangela Tricoli “City Of Angels” [Jet Lady]
  • The Wild Tones “Shut-Ups” [b/w The Martian Band]
  • 谷山浩子 “歌詞付” [ねこの森には帰れない]
  • Danielle Devred “Silver Spoon” [b/w Silver Spoon (Instrumental Version)]


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