Any Time Any Place

It’s time to shake off the weight of the week and open your mind to some far out music from another dimension. Obscurities, lost songs and songs that never had a chance, only on Esoteria.

Songs Played

  • Azoto “Anytime Or Place” [Anytime Or Place]
  • No Mercy “Komm Zu Mir” [No Mercy]
  • Electronic Concept Orchestra “Penny Lane” [Moog Groove]
  • Shenhai ” Where Were You (When I Needed You)” [b/w Follow Me ]
  • The Spectrums “I’ll Never Fear” [b/w Wine, Wine, Wine]
  • Nana Mouskouri “La Place Vide (This Empty Place)” [La Place Vide / L’orage]
  • Jude “Mirror, Mirror” [b/w Hear The Rain]
  • Bob Salton “Starknight (Vocal Version)” [Starknight (Instrumental Version)]
  • The Ferrets “Record Man” [Angry Young Ferrets]
  • Amazorblades “Common Truth” [b/w Messaround]
  • Rick van der Linden “Choo Choo (Chattanooga Choo Choo)” [b/w Largo]
  • Baccara “Eins Plus Eins Ist Eins” [b/w For You]
  • Dollar “Ring, Ring” [b/w Star Control]
  • Jeremiah And The Slag’s “Slag” [b/w Slag (Instrumental)]
  • Blackway “New Life” [b/w Follow Me]
  • The Shoremen “She’s Bad” [b/w Look Into Her Eyes]
  • Duke Errol And His Lords “Hard Day’s Night” [An Album Of Favorites]
  • Arielle “Laissez-moi Mon Dimanche” [Maman Ne Veut Pas]
  • Music For Pleasure “The Human Factor” [The Human Factor]
  • The Edge “I’m Cold” [b/w Macho Man]
  • Sheila “Le Sifflet Des Copains ” [b/w Chante Chante Chante]
  • Pitch “What Am I Gonna Do For Fun” [b/w It’s A Quest]
  • Mary Kohler Und Die Western Boys “Hey Joe” [Noch Immer Kein Brief (No Letter Today)]
  • Tülay Özer “İkimiz Bir Fidanız” [Tülay]
  • The Spotnicks “Amapola” [b/w Dark Eyes]
  • The Chuck Rainey Coalition “Eloise (First Love)” [The Chuck Rainey Coalition]
  • Bob Eberly “Tattle Tale” [b/w Anything That’s Part Of You]
  • 4 M International “Space Operator” [b/w Space Operator (Instrumental)]
  • The Flys “Waikiki Beach Refugees” [b/w We Don’t Mind The Rave]

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