Danceteria: A Very Special Summer 2021 Fundraiser Edition of Esoteria featuring DJ Virginia Plain

Buckle up, buckaroos because we have something special for you today. DJ Virginia Plain joined me for a 2021 Summer Fundraiser special! We spin a tribute to legendary NYC club Dancetaria, which existed in various forms from 1979-1986 and was ground zero along with CBGB for post-punk, new wave and no wave.

You can listen to more of DJ Virginia Plain on Mixcloud at

Songs Played

  • Section 25 “Reflection” [Live at Dancetaria 1/17/85]
  • Lizzy Mercier Descloux “Wawa” [From Heaven with Love]
  • Maximum Joy “Stretch (12″ Version)” [Stretch (12″ Version)]
  • Chaz Jankel “Glad To Know You” [My Occupation ‘The Music Of Chaz Jankel’]
  • Madonna “Everybody” [Live at Dancetaria 1983]
  • Ofra Haza “תפילה – 1985 Version” [מנגינת הלב]
  • Quando Quango “Love Tempo – Fac 79 Remix” [Pigs & Battleships]
  • The Jellies “Jive Baby On A Saturday Night” [Jive Baby On a Saturday Night]
  • Run–D.M.C. “Hard Times” [RUN-DMC (Expanded Edition)]
  • Liquid Liquid “Optimo” [Optimo]
  • Queen Samantha “Take A Chance – 1979” [The Letter (Digitally Remastered)]
  • The Beat Rodeo “What’s The Matter” [b/w Mimi]
  • Bush Tetras “Snakes Crawl” [b/w Too Many Creeps]
  • Konk “Konk Blast Jam” [Blast]
  • James White And The Blacks “Contort Yourself” [Off White]
  • The Egyptian Lover “I Cry (Night after Night)” [On the Nile]
  • Pulsallama “Ulsapay Amallay” [Pulsallama]


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