Never Gonna Leave You

Back to your regularly scheduled oddities! Tune in today for a lot of obscure disco, funk and post-punk and you know what? If you’ve never listened and this is your first time, close your eyes and jump in the deep end. It’ll be worth it.

Songs Played

  • Peer Pressure “Black is a Colour” [7″ Single]
  • Bunnydrums “Ugh” [P • K • D]
  • Karin “C’ Est La Ouate” [C’ Est La Ouate]
  • Those Naughty Lumps “Pure And Innocent” [b/w Iggy Pop’s Jacket]
  • Greg Tyree “Rapture Day” [First Light]
  • Suburban Reptiles “Megaton” [b/w Desert Patrol]
    • This was New Zealand’s first punk single. I found those lyrics on a NZ gov’t website! How crazy.
  • Ape “Time To Change” [Time To Change (Instrumental)]
  • Writz “Night Nurse” [b/w Drive Away]
  • Essential Bop “Croaked” [b/w Butler (In Running Shorts)]
  • The Grand Master Lover “The Legend Of O’Mar (Episode 1 & 2)” [b/w The Legend Of O’Mar (Continued Version)]
  • Evans Pyramid “Never Gonna Leave You” [b/w The Dip Drop]
  • Belle Farms Estates “Puddin (Long Version)” [Puddin]
  • Alaska Y Los Pegamoides “Otra Dimensión” [Otra Dimensión]
  • Stepping Talk ” Alice In Sunderland” [Alice In Sunderland]
  • Ill Bone “死者” [死者]
  • Golpes Bajos “A Santa Compaña” [A Santa Compaña]
  • Embyro “I Like To Make Love” [Embyro]
  • Jimmy Roma “Popeye (The Sailor Man)” [b/w Beyond The Galaxy]
  • Rev. Jerry Burns And The Youth Ensemble “Rapture” [b/w Destiny Is Calling]
  • The Features “City Scenes” [Perfect]
  • Video Club “Lost Time (Time Of War – Vocal Version)” [b/w Lost Time (Time Of Peace – Instrumental Dub)]


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