Back In the Sun

I’m back and boy do I have a show for you today! Tons of Japanese New Wave, Italian library music, country funk soul (which is apparently a thing) and so, so many songs that I can’t pronounce.

Songs Played

  • Krystal Generation “Wanted Dead Or Alive” [b/w Every Man Seems To Be For Himself]
  • G-Schmitt “Bulerias” [b/w No.6]
  • Linda Clifford “Broadway Gypsy Lady” [If My Friends Could See Me Now]
  • Los Favoritos de la Fama “Ali Ba Va y Sus 40 Ladrones ” [b/w Ayúdame]
  • Bundesverwaltungsorchester “Piranhas Sind Im Swimmingpool” [b/w Pink Punker]
  • Lennie Hibbert “Creation” [Creation]
  • Big Jim Cartwright “Stowe Bone Country Boy” [b/w Anny Bell Jones]
  • Raymond Lefèvre Et Son Grand Orchestre “La Reine De Saba” [b/w Days Of Pearly Spencer]
  • Michael “Michael (I’m Michael)” [b/w Michael (I’m Michael) Version Orchestrale]
  • Change “The End” [The Glow Of Love]
  • Itadi K. Bonney “Why? Why?” [Itadi K. Bonney]
  • Enoch Light And The Light Brigade “The Jerk” [Discotheque vol. 2 Dance, Dance, Dance]
  • Bardo Thödol “Silver Stug” [Feeble Voice]
  • Los Javaloyas “Dum, Dum ” [b/w Ra – Ta – Ta]
  • Jupiter Sunset “Back In The Sun” [b/w Back In The Sun (Instrumental)]
  • B. W. Souls “Generated Love” [b/w Marvins Groove]
  • Naftha’s Preview “Bonfire” [Pion Delft Box – Het Gist In De Stad]
  • Bill & Lisa “Koobamanah” [Promised]
  • A.R. Kane “Pop (Long Version)” [Pop]
  • Brazilian Octopus “Pavane” [Brazilian Octopus]
  • Bodywork “The Librarian” [Songs From Pigland]
  • Riechmann “Wunderbar” [Wunderbar]
  • Juicy Fruits “Bench Of Love” [Drink!]
  • Alessandro Alessandroni “Dialogando” [Ritmo Dell’Industria N°2]
  • Os Brazões “Momento B/8” [Os Brazões]
  • Partner Eins “Warum Müssen Autos Fahren?” [b/w So Verliebt]
  • The Vast Majority “By The Time I Get To Phoenix” [Mindblowers!]
  • Takeshi Inomata & Sound Limited “Joint” [Sounds Of Sound L.T.D.]


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