Let’s Get Wild

Apply directly to the head.

Songs Played

  • Genie “Black Rock” [Nucleus Experience On Black Rock]
  • Jilted John “Jilted John” [b/w Going Steady]
  • Eruption Featuring Precious Wilson “Computer Love” [Eruption]
  • Dino & The Suspicions “Story Of A Dream” [b/w Jump Type Ballad]
  • Kent And The Candidates “Trouble” [b/w Take Me By The Hand]
  • S. Roha & Rahim Jantan “Di-Suatu Masa” [Jangan Lupakan Daku]
  • Skafish “Disgracing The Family Name” [b/w Work Song]
  • Mo Jo And His “Chi 4” “She’s A Whole Lot’s A Woman” [7″ Single]
  • Kelly’s Eye “The Eyes Lament” [Tune In – Drop Out]
  • Halations “アテネ・ハード&パナマ・フード (Hard & Food Panama Athens)” [Viola Renea / Halations]
  • Juliette “Mon Amour” [b/w Je t’aime moi non plus]
  • Dum Dum Dum “The Attitude” [Dum Dum Dum EP]
  • Perfectors “Tiny Radios” [b/w YT502951D]
  • United States Navy Port Authority Soul Band “I’m For Real” [Together]
  • The Terrytooners, Mitchell Miller And His Orchestra “Barker Bill” [b/w Step Right Up]
  • Boo And The Tru Tones ” Let Me Get Stoned” [Show The World]
  • Ghetto Brothers “Got This Happy Feeling” [Power-Fuerza]
  • Quartz “Social Values” [b/w Witch Queen]
  • Dee Clark “Warm Summer Breezes” [b/w Heartbreak]
  • Rudy “Tutti” Grayzell “Let’s Get Wild” [b/w I Love You So]
  • Koray Oktay “Vefasız Dost” [b/w Yıldız Oyun Havası]
  • New Holidays “Maybe So Maybe No” [b/w If I Only Knew]
  • Yvonne “Jambo Sana Africa” [b/w When Summer’s Gone]
  • The Drowning Craze “Trance” [b/w I Love The Fjords]
  • Michel Colombier “L’Heritier (Theme)” [L’Heritier]
  • Christiane Weiss “Das Lied Ist Da” [b/w Wenn Ein Traum Zu Ende Geht]
  • Bobby & His Orbits “Felicia” [b/w Bandstand Dancing]
  • The Four Pro’s “Just Another Girl” [b/w There Must Be A Reason]
  • Dreamer “Don’t Get Left Behind” [b/w You’re Never Too Old For Rock And Roll]
  • Sugar Pie DeSanto “Hello San Francisco – Part 1” [b/w Hello San Francisco – Part 2]
  • Splinter “Costafine Town” [b/w Elly May]
  • Machine “There But For The Grace Of God Go I” [b/w Get Your Body Ready]


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