Les Sans Nom

Songs Played

  • Zulu Gang “I Got A Magic Feeling Making Love” [Magic Feelings]
  • Escalators “Here Comes That Girl Again” [Escalators]
  • Oscar Martinez Orch. “Tortillitas De Manteca” [b/w Me Quieres-O-No Me Quieres?]
  • The Beach Bullies “Zip Zip” [We Rule The Universe]
  • The Constellations “I Didn’t Know How To” [b/w Popa Daddy]
  • Schörkmayr’s Band “Der Wald” [Angebliche Uranvorkommen In Lappland]
  • Sonny Day And The Tony Ray Combo “Creature From Outer Space” [b/w Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt]
  • Teresa Harris & The Gene Parker Quintet “UFO” [b/w Good-Bye]
  • The Flying Pickets “Only You” [b/w Disco Down]
  • Todd Baker “Storm Waves” [Train I’m Riding]
  • Toney Snow “Truck Driver Story” [Truck Driver Story]
  • Jona Lewie “You’ll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties” [b/w Bureaucrats]
  • Saturn “Lady Moonglow” [b/w Leave the Door To Your Heart Open]
  • Mike McNaught And David Delve “Up In The Sky” [Rupert And The Firebird]
  • Imitation “Thermo Limbo” [Muscle And Heat]
  • Yonara “Menino” [b/w Estou Amando]
  • Robosexual “Sterling” [City Kids]
  • Robert Broberg “I Wanna Be A Machine” [b/w I Love Things]
  • I Gres “Hot Dogs” [I Gres]
  • Alfred Ndima “Hoza-E-Khaya” [Sea Water]
  • Nasmak “Notions” [Nasmak Plus Instruments, Instruments Plus Nasmak]
  • 75 “საჭიდაო” [75]
  • The Tapes ” Lonesome Max” [ Passport Records]
  • The Seclusions “Seclusion Theme” [Isolation For Creation]
  • Caterina Valente “Kismet” [b/w Abschiedsrosen]
  • Tick Tick “Disco Smirk Hopeless Smiling” [The Immortalisation Of Tick Tick]
  • Riki Troy “Miami Beach” [b/w Linda (Is The Girl For Me)]
  • Don Varner “More Power To Ya” [b/w Handshakin’]
  • Claude Thornhill And His Orchestra “Mambo Nothing” [b/w Adios]
  • Frankie Smith “Double Dutch Bus” [b/w Double Dutch]
  • Tipsy “Tipsy” [b/w Madeira]
  • Yumi Takigawa “女ごころはボサノバ” [紅夜想曲]
  • Les Sans Nom “Oba-Oba” [Largely Latin]


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