Fly and Spider

Songs Played

  • Odyssey “Battened Ships” [Odyssey]
  • Kai Martin & STICK! “Binder Min Tid” [Biomusik]
  • Gaznevada “I.C. Love Affair (Italian Version)” [b/w N.O.I.A. “The Rule To Survive (Looking For Love)”]
  • Angela “Take It Easy, Joe” [b/w Sorry]
  • Alice “Chan-son Egocentrique ” [b/w Azimut]
  • Te Arohanui Maori Company “Te Arohanui Concert Party” [Live on the Danny Kaye Show]
  • Reppolho “Tribal Tecnológico” [Tribal Tecnológico]
  • Bunny Paul ” Lovey Dovey” [b/w Answer The Call]
  • Greg Hawkes “Niagara Falls” [Niagara Falls]
  • Captain Mustard “Funky Burger (Special Dance Mix)” [b/w Quiet Move (Special Dance Mix)]
  • The PC’s Ltd “Fast Man (Booty Man)” [b/w Stick Man]
  • Rod Rogers “I Can’t Decide (If It’s The Beatles, Elvis Or Rick) ” [b/w Unload The Shotgun]
  • Scars “Leave Me In Autumn” [Author! Author!]
  • Los Sander’s De Ñaña “Mi Orgullo” [b/w Eso Es Mentira]
  • The Royal Sound Orchestra “夕立” [わが心のフォーク]
  • Whoom-Elements “Men In The Politics” [b/w Of Love]
  • The Breaker’s “Break On Eggs (Extended Mix Version)” [b/w Break On Eggs (Instrumental Remix)]
  • The B.B.& Q. Band “Keep It Hot” [b/w On The Beat]
  • Ana Belen “Vuelo Blanco De Gaviota (“Days Of Pearly Spencer”)” [Ana]
  • Down To Earth “Interference” [b/w Fear Is The Thing]
  • Cats TV “Schneewittchens Spruch” [Cats TV]
  • Etoile International De Dakar “Esta China” [Absa Gueye]
  • Carol “Breakdown” [b/w So Low]
  • ハッピ “「恋はチキチキ」” [7″ Single]
  • Little Sister “Somebody’s Watching You” [b/w Stanga]
  • Steve Jordan “El Corrido De Jhonny El Pachuco” [Las Coronelas]
  • Eddie Daye & The Four Bars “Guess Who Loves You” [b/w What Am I Gonna Do]
  • Shampoo “Tonight” [b/w Stock]
  • Multivizion “Work To Live Don’t Live To Work” [b/w Work To Live Don’t Live To Work (Re-Mix)]


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