Imaginary Soundtracks: Radio Kiki (A Fake Wes Anderson Film)

Wes Anderson’s movies always have very evocative soundtracks that follow characters’ emotion journeys. This mix (which was a collaboration with DJ Virginia Plain) is for an imaginary film about ten year old Olivia Taylor, who copes with the death of their mother and feelings of isolation by starting a pirate radio station from their bedroom.

Featuring tracks from the Kinks, Sparks, the New York Dolls, Paul Simon and many more.

Songs Played

  1. Dahil Sayo Arthur Lyman
  2. Picture Book The Kinks
  3. Hymn 2000 Elton John
  4. Root of Star T. Rex
  5. Jet Boy New York Dolls
  6. Growing Up and I’m Fine Mick Ronson
  7. In Every Dream Home a Heartache Roxy Music
  8. Fa La Fa Lee Sparks
  9. As the Clouds Drift By Jayne Mansfield
  10. Mummy Was a Record Player The 49 Americans
  11. My White Bicycle Tomorrow
  12. She’s Got Medals David Bowie
  13. Take Control Culture Club
  14. Et je m’en vais Richard Anthony
  15. Take Me I’m Yours Jobriath
  16. I’ve Found a Reason The Velvet Underground
  17. Mother and Child Reunion Paul Simon
  18. Switchcraft Chilly Gonzales
  19. Essercizii Musici: Recorder Sonata in C Major, TWV 41:C5: Vivaci Georg Phillip Telemann, Michael Schneider


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