Resurrection Shuffle

I’m back, baby! After a restful hiatus, Esoteria has returned! I haven’t gotten my new mic in the mail yet, so this one is all music, no backtalk.

Songs Played

  • Synergy – Classical Gas [Sequencer] 1976
  • Whistle – Just Buggin’ (Nothing Serious) [b/w Just Buggin’ Much Hard (Dub Version)] 1986
  • Holy Names High School Orchestra – Spinning Wheel [Centenary Jazz Concert] Year Unknown
  • Writz – Drive Away [b/w Night Nurse] 1979
  • Karel Krautgartner Se Svým Orchestrem – Tico-Tico [Tico-Tico] 1957
  • Fantasy – I’ll Call You Every Morning [b/w I Can’t Let Her Go] 1981
  • The Features – City Scenes [Perfect] 1980
  • Claude Bolling – Générique [Du Mou Dans La Gachette Ou Deux Tueurs] 1967
  • Misty – Resurrection Shuffle [b/w Baby, I Love You] 1977


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