It Was True

So much good stuff this week – a Northern soul track by Toni Basil from 1966 (I know!), Yugoslavian disco, space reggae and more Moogs than you can shake a stick at.

Songs Played

  • Bill Joy – Just One More Day Baby [7” single] MSR Recordings 1980
  • Marvin L. Sims – Now I’m In Love With You [b/w What Can I Do] Mellow Records 1966
  • Patrick D. Martin – I Like ‘Lectric Motors [b/w Time] Deram 1979
  • The Time Zone – Space Walker [Space Walker] White Whale 1968
  • Los Saltos – Mi Amor Por Ti [b/w Lady] Wesley 1969
  • Lucky Millinder And His Orchestra – Clap Your Hands [b/w Who Said Shorty Wasn’t Coming Back] King Records 1950
  • Martina Formanová A Jiří Hradec – Počítá [b/w Dej Gól] Supraphon 1987
  • The Afro Latin Soultet Featuring Phil Moore III – I Couldn’t Live Without Your Love [Wild!] Tower 1966
  • Silver Pony – The Apple And The Arrow [b/w The Lonely Ranger] Lotta 1976
  • Student Nurse – Snow [Student Nurse] Spunkrock 1979
  • Jamo Thomas And The Party Brothers – Jive Mother-In-Law [b/w] Nassau Daddy Sound Stage 7 1967
  • Bimbo & Iin – Perjalalan Bimbo [10 Tahun] Remaco Record Year Unknown
  • Colonel Elliott & The Lunatics – Guns Of The Martian Giants (Guns Of Navarone) [Interstellar Reggae Drive] Rhino Records 1973
  • International Q – Small Talk [What I Got] Queue Music 1981
  • The Zummos ‎– An Obsession (Over You) (Remixed Version) [b/w An Obsession (Over You) (Dub Version)] A&M Records 1985
  • Sylvia Syms – Dancing Chandelier [b/w Each Day] Decca 1956
  • Klein & M.B.O. – Dirty Talk (USA Connection) [b/w Dirty Talk (European Connection)] Baby Records 1982
  • Toni Basil – Breakaway [b/w I’m 28] A&M Records 1966
  • Papy, Mamy & Son – Bubble Gum [b/w Chrysalis] Metronome 1975
  • Anita Sherman – Make Love Like You Mean It [b/w Car Of Love] A&M Records 1976
  • Butterball Brown and his Orchestra – It’s Drunk Out Tonight [b/w T’Ain’t What You Want (It’s What You Got)] Mercury 1951
  • The Crows – Baby Doll [b/w Sweet Sue] Rama 1954
  • The Eye-Full Tower – Carol Cartoon [b/w How About Me] SSS International 1967
  • Helen Humes And Her Orchestra – Woojamacooja [b/w All I Ask Is Your Love] Dootone Records 1955
  • Mechanics – Charlie’s Black Hair [The Mechanics] Self-Released 1979
  • Dorothy Ellis ‎– Drill Daddy Drill [b/w Must Go Out And Play] Federal 1952
  • Big Don’s Rebellion – It Was True [b/w Smokin’] Ethon Records 1967
  • Frankie St. Claire And The Pentagons – Everyday Of My Life [Frankie Sings From Palm Springs] Self-Released Year Unknown


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