Minor News and Billy Rancher’s Flesh and Blood – Please Don’t

So if you hadn’t noticed, I haven’t updated in a while– I got locked out of the website and was too lazy to fix it until today, so here we are! I’ve moved back into radio at The Cavern (KVRN-LP 101.5 FM in Portland). It’s a rock-adjacent station full of excellent shows from around the world, and you can listen everywhere at cavern.fm.

Taken from the self-released album Thinking Zebra. Billy Rancher was a Portland legend, seemingly destined for stardom in the 1980s before dying from cancer before he was 30. He released two albums and one single in his brief life, all of which are fantastic and worth checking out.

Oh, and speaking of YouTube videos, this is actually from my new channel, where I’ve been sharing some of the more obscure records that I own. You can check it out here if you’re interested.

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